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The immune system is our organism´s best ally in the fight against pathogens. Micro-Immunotherapy, in turn, is an effective ally for the immune system.


The immune system

In the modern world, the body has to deal with pollution, carcinogens, toxins and chemicals as well as viruses, bacteria and parasites that, in recent decades have continued to grow and evolve. To defend itself against these attacks, our organism has an effective tool: our immune system.

SI_agresseursIn order for the immune system to cope with all these possible causes of diseases, its very precise mechanism must work effectively. Control of this mechanism is supervised by endogenous molecules with a very important immune regulatory role, such as cytokines, hormones and nucleic acids.

Many factors such as stress or malnutrition favor the dysfunction of the immune system. This immune deterioration can lead to various diseases such as cancers (solid tumors and lymphomas), neurological diseases, viral reactivations (CMV, EBV, hepatitis, herpes, HPV ...), chronic fatigue syndromes, allergies and various inflammatory reactions.


Micro-Immunotherapy is an innovative therapy that targets different diseases, both acute and chronic, which are the consequence of an imbalance of the immune system.

The different Micro-Immunotherapy drugs are used as immune regulators to potentiate and harmonize the defenses of our organism. The compositions include cytokines as well as nucleic acids (DNA, RNA, SNA ®) specifically selected to treat a disease and prepared in very high dilutions, ensuring their safety.

Micro-Immunotherapy has an additional asset for restoring the immune system in a pathology dependent way, to its full potential: the modulation of dilutions based on the pharmacological Arndt-Schultz principle, using different dilutions to modulate, inhibit or stimulate the actions of the immune system.

Labo'Life Micro-Immunotherapy medicines are sequential treatments that respect immune physiology. These physiological sequences are different dilutions of stocks that vary daily (by cycles of 5 or 10 days) with the aim of  communicating the right message to the immune system and illicit a series of physiological responses (cytokine cascade).

blisters_boucheThe active substances are administered under the tongue (oro-mucosal) where the message is picked up by the lymphatic system, headquarter of the immune response. This sublingual administration best matches the receipt of information by the immunological structures of the cells that are particularly dense in that area.

Micro-Immunotherapy is both conventional, since it uses the cytokines that have been discovered, synthesized and tested in the Immunology field, and homeopathic because of the preparation method of the remedies and the use of the infinitesimal (hence the designation micro).

Micro-Immunotherapy does not replace the immune system, it does not force it, it does not block it; it informs it smoothly and subtly. Micro-Immunotherapy is by nature compatible and synergistic with any other treatment.