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Components of the micro-immunotherapy formulas

cells_mixMicro-Immunotherapy uses high dilutions of synthetic immune-competent substances to modulate the immune response of the body and restore biological balance. No substances of human or animal origin are used.
The basic components of Micro-Immunotherapy formulas are:


Cytokines are specialized proteins that organize communication between different units of the immune system, such as lymphocytes, macrophages and other cells involved in immune responses against all attacks on the body. Cytokines could be described as the words of the immune system. Sometimes they exert their effects on cells that produced them (autocrine effect), sometimes on other cells (paracrine effect) or act remotely on other organs or tissues (endocrine effect). They are produced only after cell activation and are generally not found in resting cells.

The main cytokines known today are the interleukins (listed from IL-1 to IL-35), interferons (IFN-α, β and γ), growth factors (CSF, TGF, etc...), tumor necrosis factors (TNF-α and-β) and chemokines.

Given their important informational role, cytokines are the pillars of Micro-Immunotherapy formulas.

Specific nucleic acids: SNA®

adnAn SNA ® (Specific Nucleic Acid) is a small synthetic oligonucleotide, that is homologous to a sequence of a particular gene. It is based on a mode of action inherent to the physiology of the cells of the immune system since it is itself a portion of the gene information. Tailor made for each Micro-Immunotherapy formula, the SNA ® inhibits or modulates the expression of a gene characteristic of the aggressor responsible for the pathology. Let’s illustrate this with an example: during a viral infection such as herpes, the virus uses the cellular machinery to proliferate in the infected organism. This is a classic strategy for viruses to use the ribosomes of their host to proliferate. In Micro-Immunotherapy, the SNA ® carries the information that thwarts virus replication. In this case, Micro-Immunotherapy offer support to the body in its antiviral struggle through SNA ®. Since 2002, The SNAs ® have been protected by an international patent issued to Labo'Life.