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Presentation of the drug

Box of 30 capsules (in sequences of 5 or 10 capsules).

The box:

Since the end of  March 2012, our drug boxes have changed  to a more modern presentation which is also better adapted to the patient needs, while complying with the  different  pharmaceutical laws of the producers and distributors countries. Here are pictures of boxes currently available in pharmacies:   

Nouvelle boite

The blister:

Two types of blisters coexist on the market:

blister droit

blister quinconce

Numbers from 1 to 10 on the blister
The formulas of Labo'Life drugs are sequential, they follow a logical order that mimics that of a cytokine cascade. The composition of each capsule is different. That's why numbers 1 through to 10 are printed on the blisters, to allow patient to follow the sequence more easily.

On the “linear” blister the numbering is at the top, on the “staggered” one, numbers are on the back of the blister.

It is important to respect the order of capsules on the blister.


As with the numbering, the capsules are different colors and follow a gradient to make the sequence easy to follow.   Some drugs have sequences of 10 capsules and other have sequences of  5 capsules.

blister droit

blister quinconce

blister droit seqence 5 bleue

blister quinconce sequence 5 bleue

blister droit sequence 5 rouge

blister quinconce sequence 5 rouge