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The origin of Micro-Immunotherapy :

As with many « medico-pharmaceutical » projects, Micro-Immunotherapy was created through the intuition of a brilliant physician, Dr Maurice Jenaer.

Dr JenaerDr Jenaer followed a classical medical education. He graduated as a Doctor of Medicine, surgery and obstetrics in 1950 and successfully integrated this knowledge into that of his other great passion, homeopathy, giving birth to an innovative new therapeutic approach.

This approach began in 1967 when Dr Jenaer had the idea of administering highly diluted and dynamised nucleic acids RNA and DNA to patients suffering from different types of cancer in order to stimulate their immune defenses. The results were extremely encouraging and the concept of Micro-Immunotherapy was born.

For over 40 years, Dr. Jenaer continued his research and used the advances in science to benefit doctors and their patients, gradually developing and perfecting his therapy of the future. Today, Micro-Immunotherapy responds to many medical questions which previously seemed unanswerable.

Birth of Labo'Life :

In 1989 Director Christian Foissey heard about Micro-Immunotherapy for the first time when talking with Dr. Jeaner and Dr. Marichal. Enthused by the concept of being able to modulate the immune system without incurring side effects or contra-indications, he decided to create a company to provide an industrial, pharmaceutical and medical framework for this incredible innovation.

1992 saw the birth Labo’Life France. In December 1992, favorable regulatory conditions in Spain as well as an attractive offer of partnership from the Balearic Government led to the establishment of the first pharmaceutical unit of the Labo'Life group in Majorca: Labo'Life España.

In 20 years (1992-2012) thanks to the efforts of an ever expanding team Labo´Life has steadily grown, acquiring European dimensions.  1996 saw the opening of a pharmaceutical distribution unit in Milan, Italy, followed in 2000 by a new unit in Belgium. Production capability required the building of a second pharmaceutical laboratory which opened in the Créalys Science Park, near Namur, Wallonia (Belgium), in December 2005: Labo'Life Belgium.