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A European pharmaceutical company focused on quality

LL_labo The entire Micro-Immunotherapy project is centered on one key word: "quality": advanced pharmaceutical quality throughout the entire laboratories construction process and throughout the entire drug manufacturing process. This quality is more than imperative, it is our daily mantra.

Quality of facilities

The Labo'Life drug production plant holds "Good Manufacturing Practices" (GMP) certificates, issued by the respective agencies in each country.This certificate is attributed to pharmaceutical companies that manufacture and distribute medicines for human use.

In order to meet the specific requirements of Micro-Immunotherapy, Labo'Life has tailored facilities to the manufacture the specific medicines for this therapy, and in particular highly skilled teams.

Quality of the drugs

The Labo'Life Micro-Immunotherapy drugs are notified as homeopathic medicines to various national pharmaceutical control agencies. Their production takes place in Spain and Belgium, following the international GMP manufacturing standards, ensuring their quality.
Product quality can only be guaranteed by controlling all stages of the manufacturing process, starting with the quality control of the raw materials (excipients, stocks, packaging) up to the final packed medicine.

In the case of the Labo'Life homeopathic medicines, 95% of the stocks are produced by biotechnology through recombinant DNA technology. The warranties of the quality of these stocks are supplied by producers through their certificate of analysis. The quality control laboratories of Labo'Life Belgium and Labo'Life España carry out the controls by following the monographs described in the European Pharmacopoeia or by following their own internal monographs (for stocks that do not have pharmacopoeia monographs).

The raw materials in quarantine are released by the qualified person 1after receiving the certificate of analysis of quality control laboratory. They can therefore be used in production. To ensure the conformity of the product, our manufacturing process follows a strict monitoring during the production of the product (called "in process" (manufacturing solutions impregnating impregnation step, into capsule, blister packaging) and on the finished product.

The quality of the drug is a prerequisite for improving the quality of life of the patients. Therefore Labo'Life attaches great importance to manufacture high quality products.

1 - The qualified person, or QP, meets the requirements set by the European Medicine Community Code, 2001/83/EC, Article 49.