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Research & Development

R&DMedical knowledge has never progressed so rapidly as it has over the last few years and the rhythm of research is constantly accelerating.  Immunology has become the spotlight of medical research and scientists are continually discovering new endogenous  molecules in the human body for which the actions and potential therapeutic use were previously unknown.

Research and Development at Labo’Life is focused on two fundamental aspects: on the one hand, the justification and validation of the stocks and Micro-Immunotherapy formulas, taking into account the latest medical advances and on the other, the development and production in house of active substances.

Justification and validation of stocks and Micro-Immunotherapy formulas

The Labo'Life Medical and Scientific Department has five major tasks:

1. Fundamental research activities:

Intake of reliable and reproducible experimental data on the biological effect of high dilutions of immune mediators and of SNA, using pharmacological in vitro models (cell cultures) in key therapeutic areas for the future of Micro-Immunotherapy : viral infections, degenerative diseases, inflammatory diseases, cancer ...:

2. Applied R & D Activity:

To carry out studies of the immuno-regulatory effect using expert systems. The study of new Micro-Immunotherapy formulas and the potential role of SNA in humans.  Specifically by measuring the variation of gene expression within different human pathologies, in response to the formulas.  

3. Clinical research activity:

Validation of Micro-Immunotherapy drugs formulas and of new therapeutic targets within the frame of specific clinical research program applied to humans or animals, in collaboration with practitioners and / or hospital-university structures.

4. Scientific Communication and publication activity:

Communications with peer reviewed international congresses, scientific and medical journals with referees, on experimental and clinical studies conducted by the Medical and Scientific Department of Labo'Life.

5. Monitoring activity:

 Scientific and medical monitoring in the field of fundamental immunology by extensive literature review; the product of this activity also supplies a range of training programs in Micro-Immunotherapy.

Development and production of our own active substances

prod_soucheThe main research axis of Labo'Life España SA is, with the aim of becoming autonomous, to develop its own system of production, extraction and purification of cytokines respecting the quality standards of the pharmaceutical industry.

Objectives of the department:

prod_souche_2Main working lines

Some of our processes: