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«A pharmaceutical laboratory at the service of patients and physicians »

The Labo'Life laboratories are entirely dedicated to Micro-Immunotherapy. The group is the first industrial pharmaceutical group to systematically address immunology through homeopathic complexes and is the leader in the field.

A mission

The Labo´Life group was created to give a pharmaceutical structure to Micro-Immunotherapy formulas within a regulatory framework.

A medical breakthrough as promising as Micro-Immunotherapy could only have a future if a large number of patients could benefit from it. To do so the patients must have access to medicines that:

The Micro-immunotherapy project also included the establishment of the scientific and medical conditions necessary for a thorough observation of the quality as well as the efficacy of the therapy and its associated medicines.

But, above all, and beyond these practical material aspects, the leaders of the group have deep convictions which push them constantly to raise the level of their activity and make the benefit of the patients and of the health professionals who support them their priority.

A philosophy

Since its founding, as the pioneer of a new approach to immunotherapy, Labo'Life has remained true to its vocation: to tirelessly devote itself to research and the patient who is a unique person in search of relief and wellness.

"Primum non nocere", (first do no harm), the keystone of the Hippocratic Oath, is the motto of Labo'Life.

In using the new therapeutic approach that is Micro-Immunotherapy, Labo'Life upholds a direction of medicine that adheres to a holistic concept - respect the whole person.

Labo'Life philosophy can be summarized in one word: the ‘patient’.

The commitment of the founders to carry out all the mission that they have set for the company and all of its consequences is: